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Tarot Classes

Beyond the Cards


This 4 day course will take you through 12 powerful hours of sharpening your intuition, building your connection to the spirit realm, and learning how to identify and work with your Claire's. You will also learn how to open and close your sessions, along with different grounding and protection techniques. We will also cover working with crystals and talismans to your practice.

Grounding Workshop


Join August in an hour session of quieting the mind, reclaiming peace, and strengthening the connection with your guides. We are living in the midst of an over stimulated noisy world filled with fear and uncertainty, on top of our own thoughts and personal journeys. Grounding is an exercise where we are allowed to release fear and anxieties, and dig our roots deeper into stillness. After the exercise there be time to discuss different grounding techniques and Q. & A. 


The Grounding Workshop takes place every Sunday at 5pm Eastern Time. 



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