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Wicked Wolf Ink

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 A fifth generation mystic with an Egyptian, French, Spaniard and Lebanese bloodline intertwined with Taino roots, August Moon was born with a naturally intuitive and empathic force. He has spent more than two decades reverencing the spirit world and practicing his craft in private, but now for the first time ever he has made the decision to open his gifts to the world. Each reading is infused with messages from  Spirit  and his Ancestors, but more importantly, what sets him apart is his heart that allows him to connect with each individual who crosses his path. August specializes in Tarot, Candle Magic, Light, Energy, Crystal and Visual work. He uses his spiritual therapeutic technique to not only assist with gaining clarity but also compassionately helps each person find a resolution to approach or walk away from a situation. Book your reading and discover what messages await you today.


The NExt Full Moon

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